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Hotel Staff Applications Opening Soon!

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Hotel Staff Applications Opening Soon! Empty Hotel Staff Applications Opening Soon!

Post by MagicBean on Thu Jun 10, 2010 12:42 am

Soon, maybe after the 24/7 update the Staff Applications might be opening. We are interested in people who are from countries that can be on at different times, english people may join aswell and we will be accepting male and female staff members, Remember that you cant apply for administrator, you can only apply for moderator, you start off as a normal Trainee Moderator and go up through the ranks.

Also, the Forum Staff Applications will be opening soon, but first we need more users to register.
First, the staff need to sort out who will be managing the Staff Applications this year, last year was me, MagicBean.

Us staff members will be happy for you to join the staff team and we wont have anything against you, so if you fail your staff application its not because we dont like you, sometimes we wont even get round to choosing your Staff Application if we have so many applicants.

Good luck for when the Staff Applications open, you are probably most likely to be chosen as staff because we need staff members since we are getting more players by the day, and if you do join the hotel at www.ZubeHotel.co.uk please invite people to the hotel to make a bigger and better community of Zube.

Thank you,

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